Requests are caught up on here!

However they are still closed at the moment. We still have a few requests to finish on Facebook. We’re not sure when requests will be reopened yet, but hopefully soon. So please be patient. Thank you! :)

So firedeptclothing is saving & reuploading my stuff on their Facebook page too.

At least I guess on Facebook they can’t change their website to the source. I tried to get a response from them before when they done this but they will not respond. I just want firedeptclothing to stop. 

Request for alexischoiselat97

Request for alexischoiselat97

Request for madewithalittlewhiskeyandice
Request for jessikasmiles123

Request for jessikasmiles123

Sorry requests are taking so long!

We’re working on them! 

I’ve done a couple, but I ended up working literally everyday this past week & almost everyday the week before, plus college, & life. We’re trying! Just bear with us! Thank you for your patience! 


Request for arkansasrebelflaggirl97 

tyler6363 said:
can u make one of Thames for me but have the background orange and the browning sign black and have jessika on the left and Brandon on the right thanks

Please follow directions & request correctly using the request guidelines tyler6363. Thank you.

Edit: This is also almost the exact same request jessikasmiles123 just requested. Please do not request the same graphic from multiple usernames. Thank you.


This goes for everyone, please do not request the same thing from us, bootscootingraphics, or perfectsoutherncreations. You can request from multiple blogs that isn’t the issue, just don’t request the exact same thing from multiple blogs.

Do not disrespect us or the other graphics blog by requesting the exact same thing from multiple blogs.

perfectsoutherncreations: Just a heads up, graphic designers do talk to each other. Even though we all own different sites, it’s a waste of our time to do the same request that someone else made, only because you couldn’t be patient enough for us to get to your request. We have a list of people who have done this; do it multiple times and none of us will do your requests anymore

Exactly. And for me it makes me feel bad in a sense of “well my work apparently isn’t good enough” kind of thing or they want to see which one is better, or they’re just being impatient. Whatever the reasoning is, please do not do it. In my book, it’s disrespectful. We all communicate amongst ourselves, most of us follow each other’s blogs so we know when things like this happen. You’re entitled to request from whoever you wish, but don’t request the EXACT same thing from multiple blogs, it’s rude. Those of you who habitually do this are going to end up blacklisted. We don’t care what your reason is, please just don’t do it. Thank you.

Request for jessikasmiles123

Request for jessikasmiles123

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